Thank you for visiting my site. I imagine you would like to know more about me and my qualifications.

I have been a certified teacher since 1997.


  • Twenty years of experience teaching courses in mathematics, science, and reading to studentsof various intellectual levels and grade levels
  • Highly skilled in preparing and implementing effective and appropriate classroom instructional plans
  • Hands-on experience in teaching mathematical concepts to young students, including in-depth knowledge of basic and advanced mathematics with a specialization in algebra
  • Demonstrated the ability to plan a program of study using research-based strategies (as well as my own) that met the individual students’ needs, interests, and abilities
  • Taught many multi-leveled reading classes at the elementary level resulting in raising reading levels and exceeding individual and school goals


I have a B.S in Biology from Barry University.

I have 3 masters degrees:


I have one daughter, two grandchildren and one spoiled pup.